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with Connie Lawrence


Coach, Trauma Therapist & Creator of Recovery in Motion®

Are you ready to fall in love with your work again?   

  • You love your clients – You love the miracle of watching them heal, grow, and change 
  • You have a vision of making a difference in the world.    
  • You like to refresh your practice …you look for interventions that are new or different. 

 I imagine…

After working in the mental health field for many years, I might know you pretty well… 

  • In spite of loving fresh ideas ... the paperwork, treatment plans, and deadlines drain your energy.
  • You enjoy your work with clients but when they get stuck, you feel stuck… You wonder if you’re helping at all.
  • You want to make a bigger impact, but sometimes feeling handcuffed by evidence-based practices and policies.
  • Sometimes you get stuck in talk therapy “loops” that leave you frustrated… unable to get through...
  • You go home at night exhausted – finding it hard to listen to friends and family.

If this sounds like you


Talk therapy can be wonderful …. but sometimes it’s hard to get clients "out of their heads” and into their feelings.

Some days the grind of back-to-back clients and endless paperwork deadens your heart and soul.

Perhaps you’ve gotten used to feeling good about helping others, and at the same time, depleting your reserves.

But serving others at the expense of your own well-being has a price…  A big one.

The truth is, traditional therapies, paperwork, procedures can suck the life out of the most talented therapists. And when YOU are your own best resource, burn out is a high price to pay. And then what?

Work becomes exhausting. 

Worst of all, you can begin to lose deep, meaningful connections with clients and become distracted, drained, and impatient. You start to lose the “WHY” of what brought you into the helping profession in the first place.

As a therapist, I’ve lived it myself. I get it.

Because I know...

In fact, this is the before-story of everyone I’ve known in this field.  

I’m Connie and I work with therapists, social workers, coaches, and body workers, who want to revive their “mojo” that brought them into the field in the first place…people who want to make a greater impact.


People don’t come in the field by accident and certainly don’t come in it for the money. We come in this field with a burning desire to make a difference in the world…

Let’s not kid ourselves here...

you and I both know standard therapies can get a little stale.

Maybe you want to write a book, lead workshops, teach others. Maybe you dream of blending creative arts or body work into your practice…. 

Whatever it is, I know inside you is a creative healer… one who is bursting with ideas of how to help others…. Someone who is born to share something.

But it’s hard to break out of the rut.

And despite all the trainings and workshops, it’s hard to add enthusiasm to your daily practice. Somehow it drifts back to the same-old-same-old before you know it.

You came with a vision.

Want to know what’s missing?


Psychodrama is a best-kept secret.  It is a whole system designed to ignite spontaneity, creativity, and strength-building insight.  

There are small, usable elements of psychodrama and sociometry (group building) that are lively, delicious, and engaging.  

Just imagine… 

• You fall in love with your work again.

• You discover the “sweet spot” in your client and have greater skills to work in that zone.

• You have more energy for your work – it may even be FUN.  

• You can introduce small playful elements of “action” into your sessions that bring clients to life… they have a fresh perspective and new insights.

• Your groups become everyone's favorite. People create "forever bonds" in your groups more quickly than standard group methods.  

But you can only get these kinds of results when you introduce ACTION – no matter how small…

A one-to-one coaching mentorship/supervision for healing professionals who want to energize, enliven, and expand their practice by adding active styles of working.

During our three-month partnership you’ll experience the power of psychodrama starting with YOU ...

I’ll share with you the most powerful experiential methods to unleash your creativity and the creativity of your clients.

You’ll discover and rediscover your best asset – YOU - and how to tap into your wellspring of healing arts.

I’ll hold you accountable to put decisions into action to help move your career forward in the path you choose.


Because I am a clinician, a coach, and a board-certified psychodramatist,  I can guide you into practicing new skills with your clients – side-by-side with your own discovery process.

Introducing:  Psychodrama Lite Training & Coaching

We will follow your heart to the "sweet spot" and get clarity on your mission.  

Here’s what’s included in your three-month mentorship/supervision:  

A 90-minute jump-start session where we will get to know your background, training, and your areas of excitement.

12 Weekly 60-minute sessions (Count as supervision for LSW’s)

3 hours LIVE Training workshop in Cleveland.

BONUS:  Marketing for therapists – Leading-edge, low-cost options specifically designed for therapists, coaches, and healing professionals who want to launch a practice, workshop, or offering.    

Here’s what you can expect from your three-month mentorship/supervision:  

"Level-up" your practice – getting out of the rut and stepping into a bigger game for your career.

Safely use small doses of action (psychodrama & sociometry) to enliven individual and group sessions. 

A clearer sense of purpose; refining your mission and having a sense of clarity.  

Discover how to ignite creativity in your clients- allowing them to access the spontaneity they need to break rigid patterns

Learn skills of building safe, cohesive groups using very simple activities (sociometry).

Marketing Bonus: Launch and market your practice in today's’ world using the most up-to-date methods


You slugged it out through grad school because you had a dream for yourself. Sadly, it easily gets lost in the day-to-day grind of productivity, procedures, and policies.

Together we can combine psychodrama and coaching to help you hone in on your unique talents, dreams, and vision and step into a bigger game.  

It’s not “one more certification” you’re lacking in your pursuit of being a master healer –

It’s about reconnecting to the creative healer inside you and bringing that talent forward.   

If you're tired of the same-old-same-old and looking for something fresh, engaging, and powerful, let's talk. Together we can decide if this is a good fit.  

Hi, I’m Connie, creator of “Psychodrama Lite” Training & Coaching program

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"Any therapeutic modality should have no less a goal than all of mankind."

J.L. Moreno, MD - Creator of Psychodrama

"Photo courtesy of M. Cossa TSM Psychodrama Workshop South Africa"

I developed "psychodrama lite” for the women's prison called Recovery in Motion®.  It included upbeat activities that brought people together in new ways, raised some energy, and had people moving around discovering new things.  They loved it!

Over time we developed a waiting list of 275 women.

People love bonding, PLAYing, being real, and belonging with others. It's how people heal naturally.  

At the heart of my Psychodrama Lite Training & Coaching Program is for talented clinicians to add a little zest to their practice, and feel alive and creative again. It's a perfect addition to traditional therapies and evidence-based practices.  

I know you probably feel like you’re too maxed out to start something else. But here’s the thing:

your growth 

are inextricably linked… 

Your dedication to your client's growth and                     

As such, the best way to break out of the rut and spark your innate healing potential is to see your investment as rocket fuel for your clients.

Because it is. We start with you.

In contrast to many other training programs out there, Psychodrama Lite Training & Coaching opens the door to your own healing, transformation, and discovery that translate into skills you can use with your clients.

It’s a double hit.

You won’t have to waste time explaining to me the rigors of your current role or the kinds of issues you face … nor will you have to explain the fears of making a big leap. I’ve lived them both.

By the time we’re done working together, you will have a clearer sense of purpose, a map of where you’d like to go, and a few juicy elements of psychodrama that will enliven group and individual work.  

"Awesome workshop! Connie is amazing! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone waiting to learn more about psychodrama. "

Koren Bierfeldt

"Awesome workshop! Connie is amazing! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone waiting to learn more about psychodrama. "

Pam Chaney

Spiritual Director, MA, LICDC

"Connie is a highly skilled and sensitive clinician. Attending this workshop has given me beginning skills of how to enrich my practice with psychodrama techniques."

Ruth P.

MSSA, LISW-S Private Practice

Curious to hear what others I’ve worked with say? 

Your growth and your client’s growth don’t have to be at odds… With Psychodrama Lite Coaching & Training it’s exciting to see how your healing permeates your work with clients in exciting ways.   

"I'm a therapist myself and for several years I assisted Connie at the women's prison with Recovery in Motion®. Not only did I witness surprising changes in group members, but I came away with greater insight, emotional growth, and inner strength myself. I embraced my "Inner cowgirl" who continues to carry me through rough situations with a little extra courage, stamina and strength."

Leslie G. 

"Connie has an incredible gift with Groups, so much so, that I’ve invited her to be a guest presenter in my yoga classes and workshops. She is elegantly skillful in creating a deep sense of safety, connection, and community. "

Polly Manke

""Connie's work is transformational. I've seen it with myself and with other clients as well. We always come away with refreshing insights.

Her gentle, subtle style and inner strength allow her to move mountains... without anyone even knowing the mountain has moved! It's wonderful!"

Kim Lash


MSSA, LISW-S Private Practice


Trauma Therapist

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

 Holistic Health Coach & Yoga teacher

Here’s a quick recap of what’s included:

I’ve designed this program, so you can have all the guidance, mentorship, and a few CE’s without having to make other investments.

You’ll combine professional training with your own personal growth, creative expression, and learning, so you won’t have to juggle competing desires.

All you need to do is show up, and bring your concerns, dilemmas, and cases to the game. Together, we will do the rest.

A 90-minute jump-start session where we will get to know your background, training, and areas of excitement

12 Weekly 60-minute sessions (Count as supervision for LSW’s)

3 hours LIVE Training workshop in Cleveland!

MARKETING BONUS: Leading edge low-cost or no-cost options specifically designed for therapists, coaches, and healing professionals who want to launch a practice, workshop, or offering.    

Before we go further, I want you to know…

I’m a lot like you…

I worked for the most amazing non-profit in the world – I loved the work, the clients, and the mission. But the paperwork about killed me. I lost track of what I loved and began focusing on keeping my head above water.

Then I got lucky.

I found the right coach. I invested a terrifying amount of money in a year-long coaching program with a great leader in the field. It’s been humbling, grueling, and amazing beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m excited to pass along gems that will help kick start your progress.

And one more thing…

Psychodrama and Coaching are an awesome combination. You’ll get the best of the best.

To Guarantee that I provide the level of high-touch support required to help you move forward, I only work with a limited number of clients at one time. Programs are highly customized to suit your goals.  Apply for a free consultation call.  

What you can expect:

The first session is pivotal: we will assess your priorities, areas of interest, and goals. We will tailor the package to your greatest needs.  

  • Section 1: Refining Your Soul's purpose – We will use a variety of expressive arts to clarify your hopes and dreams for yourself. We will discover what is unique to you, what is untapped, and what are the dreams of your heart.
  • Section 2: Basics of Psychodrama & Action therapies
  • Section 3: Sandbox learning – How can I apply these skills with individual and groups?

All sessions may contain: psychodrama, interpersonal neurobiology, business & marketing coaching, casework, clinical supervision, expressive arts, and customized elements to suite your needs.  

  • You prefer Power Point learning
  • Your content where you are
  • You’re not able to invest in yourself - 

This might be for you if:

  • You feel stuck in your career and are unsure where to start
  • You’re willing to put in the hard work – emotional, technical, and professional to move yourself forward
  • You have a bigger dream for yourself
  • You’re interested in learning experiential skills

Not for you if:

"I didn’t even realize I was “warming up” for this workshop, but clearly Connie has a way of allowing our experiences to shine in a way that has the method do the work. She is truly an empathic healing agent."

(see Nadina 's post-workshop musical video below).

Nadina R.

Ready to roll?

I'm ready to give you my best.

with Connie Lawrence


Psychodrama Lite Coaching & Training 

Coach, Trauma Therapist & Creator of Recovery in Motion®

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